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[Obituarios, Esquelas y mas]

   Why Should I Research Obituaries?

An obituary is considered a secondary source. The reason for this is that except for the death date and funeral information, all the information is given by someone who was not present when the event happened. However, it is a source that should be researched. You'll be glad you did.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • They often provide evidence of the individual's marriage, place and date of birth, parents, siblings, and children.
  • You can determine the exact date and place of death
  • Obituaries will often lead to other genealogical sources.

If things like occupations, religion, military service and similar details are mentioned, be sure to follow up research in these new sources.

Please do remember that all the information located in an obituary may not be accurate and true. Like any genealogical source, details should be verified with other records. Normally the informant for the source of the information is not given; so it is by definition, a secondary source, not a primary record.

Here in , we are slowly extracting some of the data from the death notices and obituaries published in the Puerto Rican and USA Newspapers. For more information about the deceased person, please visit a Newspaper repository to examine the original.

Enjoy your discoveries!

     Funeral Card Index

With a long tradition dating back to the 1800's, funeral cards (also sometimes called mass, mourning or remembrance cards) are an excellent source of information for genealogists.

While not a traditional "vital record", they often provide great clues like death and birth dates, name of the cemetery where the deceased was interred, name of the funeral home, and sometimes even a photo of the ancestor.

Click here to see the Funeral Cards Index

     Puerto Rico Newspaper Obituary Index
What we show under this section are the only obituaries available to us as of today.

Regrettably, only minimal information is extracted due to the lack of personnel, just me, to work with the newspaper. However, information will be enough for you to be able to recognize an individual and also be able to easily locate the person on the original document.  In other words, it is a finding tool. To read or obtain the full obituary you would need to find a newspaper repository.

We will add more obits when they become available to us.



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     All Soul's Day [Día de los Muertos]

The end of October and beginning of November bring us "Día de los Muertos", or the Day of the Dead. Celebrated in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints Day on November 1 and All Soul’s Day on November 2, this holiday is especially important in Latin America. While Mexico is best known for its "Día de los Muertos" celebrations, which include pageantry, processions and public display of altars to the dead, in Guatemala it is more often celebrated as a family holiday, and usually called Día de los Difuntos.

Here in Puerto Rico, it is a time for families to go to the cemeteries where they paint and clean up the graves of family members, honor their ancestors with flowers, candles and prayers. On these days, especially November 2, the cemeteries are full of life and celebration, and food and flower vendors set up shop outside the cemetery gates.

There is also a special In Memoriam publication in one of the Puerto Rico Newspapers. We will attempt to locate and present here those publications from previous years.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam Publications: 
     United States Newspaper Obituary Index
To avoid violating the copyright protection exercised by many newspapers over complete obituaries, Our database simply cites some of the information that appeared on the obit notice.

To read or obtain the full obituary you would need to contact the newspaper or funeral home directly.
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