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Puerto Rico 1886
(Courtesy of Library of Congress)


Maps and Drawings


   The Big Picture!

A map is an essential tool in your genealogical research. It not only helps you to locate specific places or geographic features, but it allows you to identify the specific geopolitical entity that has (or historically had) jurisdiction over an area.

It also helps you visualize a large geographical area, thereby giving you the "big picture" and perhaps an insight into migration patterns that played a part in your ancestors' movements. You should certainly be using maps, gazetteers, and drawings in conjunction with one another to help solve the riddles of  "lost" or "missing" towns.

Please also remember that archives, libraries, government offices, and other archives that act as repositories for current and historical maps can be another resource for you. Don't hesitate to contact them for assistance.

Happy Hunting!

   Items included on this site:

We apologize for the poor quality of some of the drawings but those are the only ones available to us. If anyone can share a better one, we will gladly replace the existing graphic with yours.

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