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Carta de Origen y Vecindad

Copy of the document given to the applicant



As far as we know, Ponce is the only municipality that issued this kind of document. The purpose of this document was to proof to the authorities the nationality of the individual.

This was especially useful when traveling to the United States since the immigrant passengers came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York. I would imagine that it would reduce the processing time and probably they did not have to go through the normal immigration processing rules.

In any event, the Ponce Historical Archives have as part of their valuable collection the registrar books of this document. As I reviewed these documents, I noticed that there are many people from other towns other than Ponce represented here.

Jorge Tirado was also a baseball player (catcher)
from the Ponce team.  He was known as
"El Caballo de Hierro"


Social Security Card

Sometimes you can get lucky and get a form that was completed by your ancestor and in addition to the information you also have as a bonus his/her authograph.

Do have in mind that it's unlikely that you will find an ancestor listed in the index if she/he died before 1962. That was the year that the Social Security Administration began keeping the death index on computer.

Copies of two of the SS-5 form:

(Graphic courtesy of Ana Robles)

(Graphic courtesy of Anna Maria Nieves


The sale of a farm or house plot can yield additional information that can help you trace your ancestor.  It can also place him/her in a particular town and at a particular time.

This particular example is for a Ponce and Guayama railroad company in Aguirre, dated 1942 and is 7 pages long. Families or people involved in this case are: Marvin, Tous, Soto, Salichs, Texidor, Gonzalez, Sallaberry, Antonini, Godreau, Benvenutti, Raspaldo, Maneiro and Mora.


Back Stock Certificate

This one is from the "Banco Credito y Ahorro Ponceño issued to Raul Gandara.

Este banco fue fundado en 1895 en la Calle Comercio esquina Mayor de Ponce. Los hombres que fundaron esta institución bancaria fueron: Don Ulpiano Colom, Don Antonio Trias, Don Juan Gilet, Don Lucas Amadeo, Don Olimpo Otero y Don Luis Muñoz Rivera.

Alguno de sus presidentes:

1895-1896 Francisco Parra Duperon
1897-1899 Guillermo Schuck
1899-1900 Pedro J. Rosaly Capo
1900-1905 H. C. Fritze
1905-1907 Xavier Mariani
1907-1914 Asisclo Subira
1915-1937 Salvador Vives Navarro

1939 Policía Insular

 Permit for the inscription of a Colt 38 Revolver issued to Ramon Gonzalez Hernandez in Salinas, PR



1919 - Credencial del Primer Congreso de las Trabajadoras de PR




1914 - Business Municipal Permit

(Patente Municipal para negocios) issued to Miguel Gonzalez Martinez, Bo. Aguirre, Salinas, PR



1901 - Transcript of a Public Jail Document

Cárcel Pública de San Juan Puerto-Rico

Tengo el honor de participar a V. que con esta fecha se a recibido en este presidio, el mandamiento para que comparesca ante el Tribunal de Distrito el preso Manuel Baños el dia 22 de Enero de 1901 procesado por incendio y robo.

Puerto Rico a 5 de Enero de 1901
Jose V. Berrios
Secretario de la Corte de Justicia Arecibo

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