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Coat of Arms


Alcaldes de [Mayors of]
Villalba, Puerto Rico

In Office Name
1917 Guillermo Quesada (interino)
1917-1920  Walter McKnown Jones
1920-1924 Guillermo Quesada
1924-1925 Florencio Figueroa
1925 Diego Ismael Rivera
1925 Julio Olivieri Olivieri (d.1925)
1925-1926 Cristino Torres (interino)
1926-1928 Bernardo Negron Rodriguez
1928 Luis Zayas Perez
1928-1932 Guillermo Quesada
1932-1936 Ramon Victor Colon
1936-1940 Manuel Negron
1940-1946   Luis Zayas Perez
1946-1956 Efrain Suarez Negron
1956-1968 Felix Luis Hernandez
1968-1972 Ramon Negron Rivera
1972-1976 Adrian Rosado Guzman
1976-1983 Wilfredo Negron Martinez
1983- Bernardo Negron Montalvo
   Source: Information provided to us by the Mayors office.     

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