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Coat of Arms


Alcaldes de [Mayors of]
Naguabo, Puerto Rico


In Office Name In Office Name
1793-1807 Valentin Gonzalez 1915 Arturo Gallardo
1807 Santiago Suarez 1921 Francisco Cordero
1807-1814 Valentin Gonzalez 1925 Ramon A. Rios
1814 Norberto Martinez 1929 Joaquin Correa Suarez
1815 Manuel Antonio Garcia
Valentin Gonzalez
1933 Martin Rivas
1816-1817 Manuel Antonio Garcia 1934 Juan Fuentes Leduc
1818 Juan Jose de Rivera 1945 Antonio Mendez Tirado
1819 Norberto Martinez 1947 Joaquin Cintron Ramos
1920 Roque Ruiz 1950 Adolfo Hani Carrillo
1821 Guillermo Cintron 1951 Juan Fuentes Leduc
1822 Pedro Cabrera 1953 Juan Jaime Mendez
1823 Francisco Colon 1961 Armando Gonzalez Viera
1824 Juan Jose de Rivera 1963 Ramon Carrero Colon
1825 Jose Antonio Castro 1969 Serafin Melendez
1904 Rafael Rocca 1973 German Suarez Diaz
1909 Antonio Rios 1989-2000 Jose Antonio Melendez Rivera
1913 Francisco Fuentes    
   Source: Information provided to us by the Mayors office.     

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