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Coat of Arms


Alcaldes de [Mayors of]
Maunabo, Puerto Rico

In Office Name
1885 Antonio Navarro
1898-1900 Rafael Ortiz Lebron
1900-1904 Aurelio Ortiz
1904-1908    Alfonso Desdier
1908-1912 Pedro Delgado Ortiz
1912-1916 Manuel Ortiz Suya
1916-1917 Jose G. Sugranes
1917-1931 Jose S. Navarro
1931-1932 Jose Rafael Sugranes
1932-1936 Galo Martinez
1936-1940 Casimiro Steidel
1940 Emilio Calimano
1940-1942 Jose P. Sugranes
1942-1943 Juan Rodriguez
1944-1952 Juan Rodriguez
1952-1968 Sebastian Ortiz Ortiz
1968-1972 Wilfredo Lafuente
1973-1976 Samuel Garcia Ortiz
1977-1988 Jose Rosa Berrios
1989-1999 Erasto Fernandez Perales  
   Source: Information provided to us by the Mayors office.     

This page will be corrected if necessary but will not be
updated with the addition of newly elected mayors.

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