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September 4, 1943

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Regrettably, must leave the site unattended for a while.  Starting tomorrow and until the 20th of November the site will run unattended.  So you don't get bored, here are a few new files for you to keep busy.

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Digitalization of Documents
- This trend continues to grow and for the internet researcher is heaven sent as great part of what has been done, can now be found on the web. Here are some of what I have come across:


Puerto Rican Civil Court Documents Collection, 1840s to 1890s - Cases from the towns of Arecibo, Barceloneta, Camuy, Ciales, Hatillo, Manati, Morovis, Quebradillas, and Utuado.
Click HERE to visit the site 
Digitization at the National Archives [NARA].
Click HERE to visit the site 
The Archives of the Archbishop of Malta, located in Floriana, contain the diocesan records from 1531-1898, along with some miscellaneous items dating from 1450-1928. These documents are housed in Floriana and are now online.
Click HERE to visit the site 
Archivo diocesano y Biblioteca diocesana del Seminario de Girona.
Click HERE to visit the site 
Archivo Histórico Arquidiocesano de Tarragona.
Click HERE to visit the site 
Archivos de Catalunya.
Click HERE to visit the site 
Archivo Histórico Eclesiástico de Bizkaia.
Click HERE to visit the site 

Priscilla Colon Martinez
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  Puerto Rico Historic Building Drawings Society

Excellent site in Facebook. I spend hours looking and reading the peoples comments of the photos. Site has many albums make sure you explore the site thoroughly, you won't regret it.


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